The Mr. Heater Little Buddy is a super-compact propane heater that has been designed keeping portability and convenience in mind. You can easily pack it in your outdoor kit and take it with you whenever you go hunting, camping, or fishing. You can also just simply place it on your office desk or on your workbench while working in your garage. This cute Little Buddy is extremely convenient thanks to its small frame.

Don’t be fooled by its diminutive looks. Mr. Heater Little Buddy has the capability of generating a massive 3,800 BTU of radiating heat. It can achieve these figures with the help of a 1 lb. propane cylinder. This nifty little heater can heat small and medium-sized enclosed spaces very effectively. It is ideal for outdoor tents less than and up to 95 sq. ft.

Light Up Your Little Buddy!

Igniting and firing up your Little Buddy is very simple. All you have to do is to press and hold the ignition button for around half a minute or so and release it. Once you do that, the heater’s inbuilt Piezo sparking mechanism will take over and handle the rest. 

It is equally simple to turn your little heater off. You just need to push the button marked ‘OFF’ once. Doing so will cut the propane gas feed immediately and switch off the heater.  

A critically important feature of this heater is that it comes with a tip-over automatic shut-off valve. Even if you accidentally drop it in your tent, it will immediately shut itself off and prevent any damage to your property. 

Little Buddy’s Key Features

  • It provides 3,800 BTU of heat every hour.
  • It is capable of over six hours of continuous operation.
  • While small for its size, it still manages to heat around 95 sq. ft of enclosed space.
  • Separate on and off buttons so there is no confusion even in low light conditions.
  • An eight-inch round stand that uses very little floor space.
  • In case there is low oxygen in the room, the heater will shut itself off automatically.
  • Completely odor-free.
  • Very quiet and clean operation.

Take Mr Heater Little Buddy with you for all your outdoor winter excursions. It can turn your camping trip into a snug and cozy adventure you will remember for a lifetime.