The AccuSharp DELUXE is no simple blade sharpener, but a complete Tri-Stone Knife Sharpening System. It features multiple sharpening stones that will enable you to safely and easily sharpen and hone just about any straight edged blade with relative ease. 

AccuSharp’s trio of stone surfaces includes a coarse diamond finish stone,  a medium alumina-oxide, and a very fine ceramic stone to fine-tune the blade to a razor’s edge. This deluxe triple stone system provides both extra durability and a certain measure of safety. You can easily place it on just about any surface thanks to its rubber-grip base, which prevents accidental sliding while sharpening and fine-tuning your knives.

Moreover, this Deluxe Tri-Stone Sharpener’s base can be conveniently mounted on a workbench or kitchen countertop for that added bit of extra stability. This sharpener comes suitably well equipped with an angle guide that will assist you in maintaining a very consistent angle while sharpening your blade.

Why Choose the AccuSharp Knife Sharpener? 

The AccuSharp Tri-Stone Sharpening System will quickly become your favorite tool if you like your blades as sharp as the day they were first manufactured. It works equally well with hunting knives, kitchen knives, and just about any other type of straight-edged blade. In fact, it will work well with every blade as long as it does not have a serrated edge. 

The Tri-Stone sharpener has the potential to turn even the dullest blade into a lean, mean cutting machine if the correct technique is used. There are many tutorials on YouTube and other sites that will show you exactly how a knife should be sharpened. 

A major advantage of this tri-stone system is the angle-guide that is also included in the package. This makes it ideal for a beginner. You won’t have to wonder about using the correct angle while you learn to sharpen your blades. 

Key Features

  • It comes with different grit stones. All of them combined, can repair dull blades and fine sharpen them too. 
  • The low-grit coarse diamond surface acts to repair dull blades. The Alumina Oxide stone gives them an edge, while the ceramic stone fine hones and  sharpens them as much as possible.  
  • The sharpener has been equipped with a non-skid rubber grip base to ensure perfect angle and pressure.
  • A beginner-level angle guide is also included in the package.

The Accusharp knife sharpener is the ideal tool for any knife enthusiast, or anyone else who appreciates a really sharp knife. Get yours today!