Leupold’s extremely comfortable binocular harness makes carrying your binocular an absolute breeze. This harness is not only very convenient but also so low-profile you will forget it is even there! 

Its ultra-lightweight design has been combined with a non-elastic and fully adjustable harness webbing system. It keeps your binoculars completely safe while simultaneously allowing instant and easy access. It can be set up right on your stomach or chest; in fact, you can position it any way you like. 

Why Do You Need a Leupold Binocular Harness?

Carrying a binocular can complicate things during a hunt or trek if you don’t have a dedicated binocular harness or pouch to hold them until they are required. This is particularly true if you are carrying your weapon with you while also trying to keep your quarry in sight. Thanks to this harness, you won’t have to keep your binoculars in one hand and your rifle in the other.  

This harness will make it safe and easy for you to carry your expensive binoculars. You can secure them in the pouch, take them out whenever needed, and drop them back in when you need to use both your hands when lining up that perfect shot. 

Key Features

  • Fully adjustable 
  • Very durable non-elastic webbing
  • Available in gray, khaki, and black colors
  • Holds the pouch very securely against your body
  • Stays snug and secure in any pre-set position that you like 
  • The pouch doesn’t bounce around while you are walking 

This harness can become a nifty part of your hunting kit when combined with conventional pouches that are only secured with a belt. 

The Leupold Binocular Harness is a very convenient upgrade that will definitely enhance your hunting trip and make it more enjoyable and memorable with less tie spent juggling your gear. It will help secure your binoculars in a set place, as per your personal preferences. 

It will also ensure that your binoculars are always right in front of your body. This way, you will be able to use your hands for the much more important tasks that are crucial to the success of your hunting expedition. You can for instance keep your hunting rifle ready for a fast shot or you can carry other hunting equipment. You can even enjoy the freedom of keeping both your hands empty and free as you head off into the wild!