The Streamlight Stylus Pro is the best flashlight to have with you if you really want to live life on the go. It has a USB charger that will enable you to charge your Stylus whenever you want, wherever you want. You can easily charge your flashlight in your car, on your desktop pc, power bank, laptop, and even a wall socket.

The Stylus case has been made from precision-machined aluminum alloy that can take a beating without losing either form or functionality. This has a lot to do with its Type II anodized mil-spec finish that can handle all kinds of rough handling and usage.

This super-compact Streamlight offering is as small as a pen. You can put it in your pocket and conveniently forget all about it until you need it. This rechargeable lithium-ion battery-powered flashlight has been specifically created for discerning users. It is as tough as it is versatile. It is the perfect flashlight for military, industrial, and regular civilian consumers who want a reliable and powerful flashlight in a very small package.  

Key Features of the Streamlight Stylus

  • Cutting-edge LED technology to ensure extreme brightness
  • Multiple modes can be utilized as per user preferences 
  • Lithium-ion cell pack that comes with its own integrated safety circuit. It can be charged up to 300 times before its run time starts to decrease
  • Very lightweight (the flashlight clocks in at a mere 51 grams)
  • IPX4 water resistance rating  
  • Every opening has been equipped with an O-ring seal
  • Easily removable pocket clip
  • Impact-resistant (tested up till one-meter drop tests )
  • The micro USB charge port is resistant to rain and other environmental conditions
  • Comes with its own holster for ease of carrying  

The Stylus penlight is jam-packed with user-friendly features. It can even be clipped onto a belt thanks to its sturdy yet removable clip. You can also carry it in its custom holster to provide an added level of protection for your Stylus penlight. If you want a light that will be there whenever you need it, the Streamlight Stylus is the one flashlight you need.