The rather quaintly named Mr. Heater Little Buddy may be small in size and appearance, but it is definitely strong on performance. This is one super-compact propane heater that is very portable, yet it can crank out 3.8k BTUs of heat. In other words, it can turn just about any compact enclosed space all nice and toasty warm. 

Your Little Buddy is very conveniently sized, and it can easily be packed in your outdoor kit. Just pop it in your camping bag and take it with you. It is the ideal accessory for any hunting, fishing, and camping trip in cold regions.  You can place it in your den, workroom, or office desk. It is so small that it would barely take up any space on your workbench. However, you will definitely feel its presence once you switch it on. 

The cute Little Buddy is capable of heating small to medium-sized enclosed spaces within minutes, making this heater ideal for outdoor tents and other enclosures up to 95 square feet in size. 

Little Buddy’s Unique Features

It has a couple of really important safety features that set it apart from most other heaters in its class. It has been suitably well-equipped with a reliable tip-over auto shut-off valve. This means that should you accidentally drop your Little Buddy in your tent, you need not fear any injuries or danger. It will shut itself off immediately to prevent any damage to your property. 

Its safety mechanism also includes a sensor that monitors the oxygen level in the room.  If there is low oxygen in the tent or room, your trusty Little Buddy will automatically shut itself off. Apart from these unique safety mechanisms, it also comes packed with a host of other features that include the following:

  • It provides a massive 3,800 British Thermal Units (BTU) of heat every hour.
  • It can operate continuously for over six hours.  
  • Don’t be fooled by its small size, it can easily heat a near 100 sq. ft. space quite rapidly. 
  • It comes with separate on and off buttons. This way you won’t be confused between the two, even in very low light conditions.  
  • It also comes with an eight-inch round stand that occupies very little space. 
  • Very quiet, odor-free, and clean operation.

If you are in the market for a small, safe, and reliable heater for your home, office, or any outdoor trip, take a look at Mr Heater Little Buddy. It will be sure to impress you with its many capabilities.