Coleman QuickPump


FEATURES-Fast Inflate™ & Fast Deflate™ to easily inflate or deflate virtually any single high airbed -4D battery power conveniently works anywhere you go (batteries sold separately) -Double Lock™/Boston valve adaptor to inflate airbeds & other inflatables

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The Coleman QuickPump is a convenient compact device that allows you to inflate or deflate most inflatables by ease. It is powered by 4 D-cell batteries and it can inflate single beds and other similar size inflatables within minutes.

It will take longer time to inflate/deflate bigger inflatables like rafts so keep that in mind as this doesn’t generate as much power as a diesel or electric air compressor.


  • Convenient design that runs on 4 D-cell batteries
  • Double Lock/Boston valve adaptor to easily inflate airbeds and other inflatables
  • Compact size, allowing you to easily transport this anywhere
  • 1-year limited warranty

Thanks to the Double Lock adaptor, you can lock the muzzle to your inflatable and turn the device on and then enjoy the freedom of not having to stand by it and support it, so you can focus on other stuff while QuickPump does its job!

All in all, this is a handy little tool that can make your life easier when you have no access to wall-socket or a car for electricity, if you find yourself needing an electric pump with batteries, this can be the product you are looking for!

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