Leupold Binocular Harness


FEATURES:-Rugged, feature-rich harness will keep your binoculars & small accessories safe, secure, & accessible-Non-elastic, adjustable, harness webbing keeps the pouch secure against your body

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Leupold Binocular Harness makes carrying a binocular extremely convenient, low-profile and lightweight design combined with a non-elastic adjustable harness webbing system keeps your binoculars safe and really easy to access to, right on your chest or stomach, you can set it up however you like!

Carrying a binocular without a dedicated binocular pouch or harness can complicate things in the middle of the hunt when you are trying to keep the animal in sight, carry your weapon in one hand and carry binoculars in the other, so this harness makes it really easy by staying in the pouch right where you want it, stays there securely until you need it.


  • Durable non-elastic webbing
  • Adjustable and stays secure in set position
  • Holds the pouch secure against your body
  • Khaki, grey and black combined colors

This harness could be a great upgrade on your less practical pouches, like the ones that only support securing to belts.

The Leupold Binocular Harness is a convenient quality of life upgrade that secures your binoculars in set place, right in front of your body so you can allocate your hands on more important tasks such as carrying your hunting rifle and other hunting equipment or just simply enjoy the freedom of not having to carry it while you travel on uncharted paths!

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